Thumbnails/Fanart for recordings

Added by Doctor Eggs about 1 year ago

Is there a way to get thumbnails and/or fanart to show up in Kodi for recordings? I can get the channel logos to show up, but when I go into Live TV >> Recordings, it does not show any image for the thumbnail/fanart.

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RE: Thumbnails/Fanart for recordings - Added by Renaud Merle 9 months ago

I'd really like to know too.

I don't know if it's a Tvheadend issue or a Kodi one.

I'm using Tvheadend 4.2
There are <icon> urls for each programme in the xmltv and it seems Tvheadend cache them.
In the web interface EPG, those images show up in the info pop-up of each programme.

But then what, not sure what to check.

RE: Thumbnails/Fanart for recordings - Added by Robert Cameron 9 months ago

It's not really an issue. What you are asking for is not really provided by Tvheadend, and therefore doesn't show up in Kodi's TV > Recordings menu. Some skins support scraping that information for additional Fanart and stuff, but that is skin dependent. (For example, the Titan skin has a setting to allow a scraper to download the additional media and use that in the interface, but this is tied to additional functionality by the skin and additional addons, not a feature that Kodi natively supports.)