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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Target version
5022TvheadendFeatureNewNormalRFE: Add Duplicate Handling column to Autorecs page in webgui2018-03-22 22:02
5020TvheadendFeatureNewNormal.TS at the end of channel url2018-03-22 18:22
5015TvheadendBugNewNormalTVHeadend crash when switching to some IPTV channels2018-03-21 15:13
5013TvheadendFeatureNewNormalDVBCAM/DDCI: Make it possible to send EMM updates to CA modules and the inserted SmartCard2018-03-21 20:15
5010TvheadendBugNewNormalmissed DVR recording moved to removed instead of failed2018-03-19 12:11
5008TvheadendBugNewNormalService Mapper: Station name tidy function always applied - regardless of checkbox state2018-03-20 18:53
5006TvheadendFeatureNewNormalSupport MPTS as input and output.2018-03-15 12:24
5004TvheadendBugNewNormalDVB: Adapter block after entering a frequency out of range2018-03-14 20:35
5001TvheadendBugNewNormalSome PVU channel can not descrambled。2018-03-14 20:13
4998TvheadendBugNewNormalCrash when connected to OScam (newcamd)2018-03-12 16:16
4997TvheadendBugNewNormalCrash2018-03-16 14:05
4995TvheadendBugNewNormalwebsite/forum sends broken emails2018-03-11 19:28
4992TvheadendBugNewNormalContinuity counter error // descrambler: cannot decode packets for service2018-03-23 09:47
4989TvheadendBugAcceptedNormalFirst segment programme not using EPG stop mark when EIT p/f enabled2018-03-19 23:48
4986TvheadendBugNewNormal4.3-1117~g8213c0e54 - TV Tuners not visible when using unRAID version 6.5.0rc12018-03-03 12:33
4985TvheadendBugNewNormalDVR: Some shows get recorded double, or even tree times simultaniously.2018-03-23 09:32
4983TvheadendBugNewNormalService mapper UI "x-progress-wrap" incorrect representation 2018-03-02 08:42
4980TvheadendBugNewNormalNew version kills EIT EPG for NZ2018-03-01 14:58
4977TvheadendBugNewNormalsuperuser doesn't work2018-03-06 09:15
4975TvheadendBugNewNormalIPTV not scan / work2018-03-01 14:56
4972TvheadendBugNewNormalZiggo: No epg data2018-02-26 17:27
4958TvheadendBugNewNormalTVH commences recording too soon with pre-padding set and using EIT p/f2018-03-03 18:34
4957TvheadendBugNewNormaltvh aborts if two satip clients try to watch the same channel2018-02-20 21:26
4952TvheadendBugNewNormalDifferent Framerate after transcoding2018-02-18 23:19
4950TvheadendBugNewNormalsrc/descrambler/cccam.c error2018-02-18 15:06

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