Feature #3096

Upgrade WebUI framework (ExtJS 6 ?, Angular ?)

Added by Jaroslav Kysela about 2 years ago. Updated 20 days ago.

Status:AcceptedStart date:2016-03-26
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Category:User Interface
Target version:4.4


Feature #3660: WebUI layout for mobile and small monitorsRejected


#1 Updated by Mark Clarkstone about 2 years ago

There is no option to quote or add a comment to this feature request so I had to edit it instead.

The below list are some of the ideas & improvements to the webui I could think of. Some of them may seem pointless or damn right odd :).

Note to perexg: Feel free to comment, link to issues/features (or even split them into separate issues) for the suggestions as you please.

  • Improve saving & loading of configuration, the TV adapters tab for example doesn't correctly refresh the tuner config if you make changes then select another tree item & go back.
  • Consolidate some tabs. The status tab for example could be made into one sortable list (Multiple sort grid?).
  • Improve the Live TV player. Add an option to select player back-end (using either html video tags or a browser plug-in).
  • Implement a quick start guide something along the lines of a pop-up wizard that guides the user through a simple configuration.
  • Make all the tabs sortable and hide-able however this may cause issues when people forget they've hidden an item (reset tabs button?).
  • Improve the EPG guide. Replace with a timeline version (or maybe keep both & let the user decide) also make it configurable (display channel logos, programme genre colourisation, etc).
  • Rename Tv Adapters tab. Mainly because SAT>IP tuners aren't what I would call adapters but are network tuners, rename it to Devices or Tuners?
  • Display all users (even anonymous ones) regardless of where they came from (HTTP, HTSP, API, etc).
  • User selectable themes.
  • Channel logo importer. Add a user interface that searches something like http://www.lyngsat-logo.com/ for logos? Might be useful to contact lynsat to see if they offer some sort of API.

#2 Updated by Prof Yaffle about 2 years ago

Random additions...

  • Search thetvdb (c/f the current imdb search) for upcoming broadcasts' details
  • Search thetvdb/imdb for completed recordings' details/programme information
  • Touch-compatible interface (one of the main drivers for extjs 5+ IMO)
  • More information about the backend system - CPU load, I/O load, disc space by filesystem (or as part of recording path setup?)
  • Searching of recordings (e.g. free-text search of description and title)?

#3 Updated by Prof Yaffle about 2 years ago

  • Right-click context menu actions for rename/delete/edit/filter/etc.

#4 Updated by Mathias Neuhaus about 2 years ago

  • save column layout of tables

#5 Updated by C vH about 2 years ago

  • bulk select (all/none/invert) through maybe right click
  • select from / to (shift + click)
  • optimize size of icons and "things" for at least HD
  • channel sort window (a special view that only shows channel names in a compact view and let them sort per drag and drop) + search with auto complete, if you search for RTL you got instantly ~20 channels you can select and drag to position (should be a huge easing for this task)

#6 Updated by Christian Glombek almost 2 years ago

Hello, I'd like to propose the following:

  • Split Out the Live TV UI (with EPG) to a second (public) WebUI.
If done right, this gives us these opportunities:
  • use the WebUI as reference implementation of HTSP
  • easily port the WebUI App to native platforms. (For that matter I'd like to propose using the React.js Framework)
  • no more need for app on the client (viewer) for simply watching TV and setting the Recorder - in a browser simply go to the WebUI's IP. Functionality could be disabled or restricted through auth

#7 Updated by saen acro about 1 month ago

Is this switch to ExtJS 6 will be available sometime, new owner of project make it paid

#8 Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 1 month ago


But we can probably look also for fully open-source javascript frameworks. Although ExtJS has many tools build-in, the licencing is a bit problem.

#9 Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 1 month ago

  • Subject changed from WebUI to ExtJS 6 switch to Upgrade WebUI framework (ExtJS 6 ?, Angular ?)

#10 Updated by Mark Clarkstone about 1 month ago

Jaroslav Kysela wrote:


But we can probably look also for fully open-source javascript frameworks. Although ExtJS has many tools build-in, the licencing is a bit problem.

3.4 of ExtJS is under the same license, no? Could you explain the problem? :)

OpenUI5 Looks very nice :).

#11 Updated by Jaroslav Kysela 20 days ago

Another choice: https://getuikit.com/ (thanks Mark)

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