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Channel name placeholder (%c, %C) used for channel icons is too restrictive

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Target version:4.4
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Currently, channel name placeholder (%c) takes only subset of ascii characters.
All other foreign language characters are lost during conversion.

These are the few samples from OLLEH TV LIVE service in Korea.

CH NAME        %c           %C
-- ----        --           --
 1 SkyUHD1     "SkyUHD1"    "SkyUHD1"  
 2 SkyTravel   "SkyTravel"  "SkyTravel" 
 4 CJ오쇼핑    "CJ???"      "CJ___" 
 5 SBS         "SBS"        "SBS" 
 6 NS홈쇼핑    "NS???"      "NS___" 
 7 KBS2        "KBS2"       "KBS2" 
 8 GS SHOP     "GS SHOP"    "GS_SHOP" 
 9 KBS1        "KBS1"       "KBS1" 
10 홈&쇼핑     "?&??"       "_&__" 
11 MBC         "MBC"        "MBC" 
12 롯데홈쇼핑  NULL         NULL       ; first character is not ASCII
13 EBS         "EBS"        "EBS" 
14 현대홈쇼핑  NULL         NULL       ; first character is not ASCII

I think there's no need to strip down to 7 bit ASCII these days. UTF-8 is safe from special character handling by design.


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