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13:44 Tvheadend Bug #4755: Picons with german special chars not found, but exists on disk
Service name picons looking for wdrhdkoln.png for WDR HD Köln


10:40 Tvheadend Bug #4738 (Fixed): replace liben50221 (dvb-apps dependency)
With kernel 4.14 dvb-apps is not compiling anymore ootb due CA_SET_PID ("fix here just for the record":https://github...


19:59 Tvheadend Feature #3096: Upgrade WebUI framework (ExtJS 6 ?, Angular ?)
Just to add Webix -> https://webix.com/demos
> Webix - an advanced, easy to learn, mobile-friendly, responsive and...


20:23 Tvheadend General: RE: Xbox One DVB-T/T2/C tuner
Try installing Raybuntu WP2 builds - the drivers for AML (S905 ..) are coming with LE9 to the official build (hopeful...


00:49 Tvheadend Bug #4643 (Fixed): crash while heavy scanning over Sat>IP server
Server: 8 tuner, latest stable Tvh 4.2 server with 2 tuners for Sat>IP server.
Client: If I use the Sat>IP tuners ...


14:26 Tvheadend Feature #4572: OMX Support
@Mark Clarkstone
did it work for you ?
The log tells with >100% cpu usage at top
> [WARNING]:transcode: 0006: 01:H...


13:53 Tvheadend Feature #4588: allow building ffmpeg-static with "foreign" ffmpeg
Tx for your pointer, we had some misinterpretations at our side.
We thought that *libx264_static* options etc are sa...


10:41 Tvheadend Bug #4584: 100% CPU hang after - mpegts: too much queued table input data (over 2MB), discarding new
just saying that I had the "same" problem at current 4.2.x stable
> Sep 13 10:37:38 satserver tvheadend[1113]: mpegt...


23:09 Tvheadend Feature #4588 (Rejected): allow building ffmpeg-static with "foreign" ffmpeg
Cross compiling Tvheadend with FFmpeg-static basically doesn't work.
_Hopefully I didn't overlooked something fund...


12:18 Tvheadend Feature #4443: support vaapi for transcoding
ffmpeg from https://www.johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg is known to have no vaapi/nvenc capabilities (as they won't work sta...

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